We’re currently living in a stressful and hectic world with all the hustle-and-bustle of modern-day living. We need a place to relax, unwind, and distance ourselves from the pressure-infested society we have now.

What better way to do that than by spending some time on a bar. Chill your way with a few glasses of drinks, or perhaps treat your hard day’s work with a delightful snack while enjoying the cozy ambiance.

Good thing there are loads of these in Australia. And what’s even better is that not many know these because of their low-key reputations!

Here are some of the best-hidden bars in Australia you can go to if ever you need a break, or just want to spend quality time with friends, family, or perhaps, with yourself.

The Barber Shop

Yes, The Barber Shop is indeed a barbershop. But it’s more than just that. Head upstairs and you’ll find a bustling assortment of beers and liquors such as cognacs, tequilas, and gins.

There are also a number of rum and whiskey options in case you want something harder. Inside, you’ll get a cool and hipster-kind of vibe, which is just what you need to get rid of boredom.

Fall From Grace

Fall From Grace is one of Melbourne’s best bars located at Collins Street. At first, you might think that is is some sort of library because of its seemingly odd bookshelf.

But look closer and you’ll find an elegant bar that’s sprawling with unique American blends decored with classic decadence. If you’d want to distance yourself from the crowd and regain back yourself with a few drinks, then this is the place to be.

Yulli’s Screening Room

Then there’s Yulli’s Screening Room located at the heart of Sydney’s Surry Hills. Here you’ll find sumptuous food menus you can have, either for a meal or just snacks.

It’s a cozy place to bond with family and friends as you can watch their regular film screenings alongside some soothing bluegrass music. You’ll also love this place if you’re into art as a few masterpieces from some local artists are displayed in the bar as well.

The Bar With No Name

Don’t mistake this as its name because it literally doesn’t have any. Hence, it’s called as “the bar with no name.” It’s truly unique, in the sense that its owners decided to not give it any name or even promote it to the public. Talk about marketing, eh?

But despite that, it’s still gaining massive popularity because of its cozy environment, sumptuous foods, and a wide variety of drinks to chill the night away. It’s located in Melbourne’s CBD area near a pizza store.

The Walrus Club

If you’d like something classic, as in vintage classic, then The Walrus Club is what you’re looking for.

It’s a 1920’s-inspired bar where you can retreat after a hard day at the office on a Friday night, or perhaps throughout the weekends with some friends. Just remember to dress snappy as you spend the night away with some drinks.

Soda Factory

Soda Factory should be on your list if you’d want to experience American-style dinner at the heart of Australia’s bustling Sydney. Just be prepared to bring lots of cash, as we tell you — it’s not cheap to dine here.

What’s cool about this bar is that you can access it through a Fridge Door. This place abounds with jaw-dropping snacks, such as their massive gourmet hotdogs and deep-fried Spring Rolls. It’s a place for you if you’ve got a huge appetite and you’d like to eat with style.

Visit these “hidden” bars, enjoy their drinks, meals, and whatever they have to offer, and experience the cool and relaxing vibe of being in one of these stylish pubs.

Cheers, and enjoy, mate.