Traveling the world is one of the best things you can do in your life.

Not only does this let you go to other places and experience their lifestyle and culture while meeting other people, but this also relieves you from your stress and make you see the world as a whole.

However, you’ll easily get confused with the many places to visit out there. Well, one highly recommended place for you to visit is Melbourne, Australia.

It’s considered as the culture capital of the world due to its bustling lifestyle, scenic tourist destinations, and many more.

If you’re interested in knowing more about this wonderful Australian city, then you’ve just found yourself in the right place. Read on!

Vibrant culture and buzzing lifestyle.

Melbourne is no doubt one of the best cosmopolitan cities in the world as it has a perfect balance of modernity and rich traditional vibe.

It’s also influenced by a variety of cultures from around the globe, such as from Russia, Greece, Italy, the Middle East, and even Poland. Because of this, it’s got a very unique culture that creates an interesting lifestyle for its locals and tourists.

Feel free to roam the cool vibes of the CBD, to the hip South Yarra, and the bright St. Kilda. There’s also a wide assortment of parks, beaches, and cultural heritage sites you can visit. Melbourne surely has something for everyone.

Feeling of rare exclusivity.

If you’d want to go to a unique place where you’ll get a feeling of exclusivity, then Melbourne is what you need.

Specifically speaking, it’s got this exclusive vibe because most of the business establishments and brands here are local. They’re willfully embraced by its inhabitants because they believe that they’re of high quality and speak of the true Melbournian heritage.

You’ll find numerous indie bars, cafes, restos, and local designer and lifestyle brands. You won’t find any of these in other places, other than Melbourne, of course.

Cravingly delicious foods (and coffee).

Looking for good food to full up your tummies? If so, then Melbourne is again the place for you. Melbourne is where you’ll find the best restaurants in the whole of Australia. Many even consider this as a food lover’s paradise.

Feel free to munch on some brunch spots such as pistachios, berries, and mascarpones, or perhaps have some of those sweet and tingly hotcakes. There are also numerous local wine bars that you might want to chill the night with, or maybe get some mouthwatering local dishes from their oven-grilling restos.

Are you a coffee lover? If so, then you’ll surely find this place as a haven as Melbourne is home to some of the best brews you’ve ever tasted. Ditch Starbucks and get something better, fresher, and more revitalizing — with a Melbournian coffee.

Shopping galore.

Melbourne is the place for you if you’re into shopping non-stop. You might be looking for designer bags, the latest gadgets, the hippest shoes, or maybe just a simple tee to wear for your vacation.

No problem with those when you’re in this Australian city as there are lots of department stores and malls you can find around.

Go to CBD if you’d like, or perhaps take a stroll down Brunswick. South Yarra works well too if you want something more classy and formal. But if you’re into the high-end fancy ones, then Chadstone would be of interest to you.

Non-stop sporting events.

Into sports? Well, Melbourne, is again, the best place for you.

It’s home to world-class venues that host some of the biggest leagues in the world such as the Rugby League, Enduro World Series, Australian Rules, and World Tennis. It’s where you’ll find the AAMI Park, Etihad Stadium, MCG, and the famous Melbourne Park.

The MotoGP and Australian Formula One Grand Prix also take place in this Australian city. You can even find your favorite tennis legends Rodger Federer and Serena Williams playing here down under.

There’s also the Melbourne Cup, a world-renowned horseracing event held at the Flemington Racecourse.

Experience the Great Ocean Road.

And last but not least is the Great Ocean Road. Who would forget this piece of natural wonder? Bask in its grandeur as you see for yourself the limestone cliffs along the 243-kilometer rugged coastline.

It’s surely very Instagrammable, apart from the fact that you’ll have a fulfilling scenic drive along with this beauty.

It’s surely very Instagrammable, apart from the fact that you’ll have a fulfilling scenic drive along with this beauty.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

The enjoyable drive will take you through different landscapes, from fishing villages to coastal towns, and paved roads along pristine rivers and jungles. There are also gorges and waterfalls you’ll see dotted along the coastline.

What are you waiting for?

Melbourne is indeed a must-go-to destination. Not only is it rich in culture and history, but it’s also littered with jaw-dropping landscapes that Mother Nature has to offer, along with its sumptuous delicacies and shopping areas, of course!

Head to Melbourne and you’ll surely see the world in a different, and more beautiful light.