Few events are as grand as a destination wedding, with tropical beaches and majestic castles beckoning couples who are looking for the best backdrop when they say ‘I Do’. Who isn’t tempted by that? If a destination wedding is calling you, then the big day is going to be one to remember. Let’s discuss the key considerations to planning this undertaking and get you started in designing the ultimate event, wherever you choose to marry. 

Choose great photographers

You’ve probably heard from every past bride and groom about how quickly your wedding day will move, with couples having to greet every single guest, give and accommodate speeches, and a number of other things on the big day. Then just like that – it’s over! When you have a fantastic photographer(s) shadowing you during the day and snapping all those beautiful moments, you can relive them again the next day and forever, no matter how quickly your wedding day might move. When you book your photographer, be sure to know if they will have an assistant on the day taking photos from other angles, confirm how many photos you have signed up for, and let them know you want to capture the magic of this destination throughout the day.

Photo booth hire is another great way to capture the day in a less formal format, with you and your guests letting your hair down and exploring the many props and poses you can amuse yourself with during the night. If it’s been a while since you have looked into photo booths, there are many different varieties you can use, with some even creating GIF’s as opposed to prints. Make your decision based on the number of guests you are expecting, because you don’t want to have a long line waiting for their snap. Photo booths are also a good way for your guests to show off the destination you have chosen, and you can even design the frame of your pictures to be tropical, or whatever vibe/theme you wish.

Strategically choose an all-inclusive venue 

Planning a wedding can be a hands-on task when planned in your own home state or country, but planning all the hits and pieces in a different country comes with its hurdles. Consider choosing a hotel for your wedding in your desired destination, as they will have an event team, food and beverage team, and access to preferred suppliers like Marquee Hire Companies that can help cater to any situation. It also serves the purpose of accommodating your guests and allowing you to have a ceremony, reception and recovery in the same establishment but each spot is diversely different. Who knows, you might even be eligible for some loyalty points from the hotel that you can use in one years time for your anniversary.

An all-inclusive venue option will also put guests at ease, especially those who are elderly, have young children, or even those who have not travelled before. A hotel offers certain security and order for everyone, especially one that they may have stayed in before in their home country or state. You are understandably going to be busy in the lead-up and after the wedding, and a hotel can really take on the service role and ensure your guests know what is happening and have everything they need.

Allow your guests enough time to plan, and keep communicating with them

You may have dreamed of your destination wedding your whole life, but the invitation might come as some surprise to your guests who weren’t expecting it. You will want to give as much time as possible to ensure that they can get their affairs in order and be there to witness your big day. ‘Save the dates’ are not always customary, but in this case, you should extend them for destination weddings three months before the wedding date. Wedding invitations are sent six weeks before the big day with all details, but instead, send the important wedding details with the ‘save the date’. This includes accommodation options, the schedule of events and any other information you believe they need to prepare for the day. 

If you anticipate that this task will be a complex one, you can consider creating a Facebook group for the wedding so that you can communicate all information centrally, rather than making contact with everyone individually. You might also want to enlist these responsibilities to your bridal team, siblings or parents. These special people want to do what is best for you, so don’t feel like you can’t lean on your friends and family for the benefit of your guests and the wedding day.

Embrace the culture and curiosities of your wedding destination

What’s the fun of having a wedding in another part of the world if you don’t lean into the culture of your chosen destination. You can either let this shine through your menu, dress code, format and even the entertainment. You might want to mix in a traditional Hula dance if you choose Hawaii for your wedding, or a Maori song and dance if you choose New Zealand as your destination (for example). If food is more your thing, choose a dessert that uses the seasonal fruits and produce of the region. These touches will give your wedding a unique edge, making it more memorable for you and your guests. 

Once again, a hotel wedding will make these wishes possible as they likely to have authentic menus or traditional experiences as part of the offering. If not, consider hiring a local wedding stylist or planner to add those things that can be hard to think of or plan from home. You can also seek inspiration here by subscribing to local media in the area or jump on Pinterest to get a visual understanding of what that area is known for and what colours and textures you can explore.

Hopefully, you now have a greater understanding of the key considerations of a destination wedding, and the small but significant ways you can get the best of your location. There is no such thing as over-planning for a wedding, and there are even more complexities when the big day is unfolding somewhere else.